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“Your work is tasty” John was once told. After smiling and saying “thank you,” he asked what it meant. “It’s what the Irish workmen say, ‘His work is tasty.’ It means you keep at it until it’s done just so.” Maurilyn D., Co op owner

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Windsor Terrace seller. -Sandra S.

Renata gave her total attention to every detail of our sale, often thinking of things to consider way before we did. Our experience was painless due to her expert guidance and especially with her extensive knowledge of Brooklyn/NYC real estate. She is lovely to work with in every way, and a strong, savvy leader who I can highly recommend to anyone navigating the real estate market. You are in excellent hands with Renata and her team! Jesse Davis Authentic Jersey

Ellisa Betta L.

Renata recently helped us to sell our condo in Brooklyn. She did a fantastic job with staging, photographs and listing. After the listing was published, the apartment looked so beautiful that we almost regretted putting it on the market! Renata was incredibly professional, and competent when scheduling Open Houses, taking care of our needs, and while negotiating with multiple offers and potential buyers. But what mostly impressed us was Renata’s patience and ability to help us smoothly coordinate a sell/buy transaction so that we were able to close on our buy only two hours later the closing on our sale! We would definitely use Renata Thomas again!!!” Alex Galchenyuk Jersey

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